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Forage in the summer. Paint in the winter.

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The Art of Cam Wilson

Inspired by my uncle John Wilson, an artist and sign painter, I began drawing at a young age. In grade six I became a professional artist of sorts by selling my classmates drawings of hockey goalies for the princely sum of 25 cents. Later on I graduated from The Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Canada. My first job was to do courtroom sketches for a television station and then on to Art Director for an Ad Agency before freelancing as a Designer and Illustrator.

My watercolours on the fine art side are a journey from my Country Canada to the other side of the world in Southeast Asia. Particularly Thailand where I have roamed, photographed, sketched, and painted for many years. The ocean and all things around it capture my interest as well as landscapes, architecture and wildlife.

When traveling in an unfamiliar place a person always comes across beautiful, unusual, and interesting things that capture your attention. I aim to create those fleeting moments with the immediacy and spontaniety that watercolours bring. The experience of being there plays an important underlying role in the paintings process. It may be a golden landscape, a rocky beach, or a beautiful lighthouse, regardless, all of my paintings are built on sketches, memories, and photo reference I have captured myself.

Watercolours are an ongoing process of never ending exploration, and it's twice as fun when it includes exploring the world.


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