Land and Seascape Watercolours

From land to sea and from one side of the planet to the other. I have always seeked new places to not just see but to experience. Born in land locked Alberta, Canada, I loved the expansive prairies, big mountains and even bigger skies. But I also dreamed of the sea which not only drew me to the chilly Pacific Ocean on the West coast of Canada but also to the warm waters of the Andaman Sea in Southeast Asia.

I only use my own photography for reference. When I begin a painting I strive to represent a scene rather acurately. However as the painting begins to take shape paint is applied more intuitively as I willingly abandon the reference.

To me landscapes are seascapes and seascapes are landscapes, the sea could just as easily be a field of wheat, or a bed of rocks. Light and tone are the emphasis across waters and sweeping fields. Color is emphasized in key areas. I like to stay true to the scene but expressive painting takes priority over realism.

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All images and designs created by Cam Wilson

© and Cam Wilson