Infographics and Education Illustration

Educational illustration involves keeping the message clear.  The illustrations in the gallery are hand drawn line art and airbrushed digitally with the others comprised of vector art and digital paint. Further inquiries or for a quote on your project please contact Cam Wilson.
seine net tools_lowres midwaterTrawl_lowres
jigFishing_lowres harpoon_lowres fairtryShip_lowres
solarsystem2 SolarL3_SolarSystemLineup 16RGB
SolarL1_07b_proof CC.DOM.90.1 greenhouse_type
CC.PD.41.1 CC.PD.40.1 CC.PD.39.1
CC.PD.38.1 CC.PD.37.1 CC.DOM.96.1
CC.DOM.222.1 CC.DOM.41.1 CC.DOM.142.1
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All images and designs created by Cam Wilson

© and Cam Wilson